Thoughts on Thanks

So much has happened over the last several months, it seems daunting to write it all down. And yet, the final word remains the same.

Ten years ago when I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer, I knew I was looking at a potential “lifetime” of ongoing issues. The key word here is lifetime. All I wanted was a lifetime. So as I begin my third regimen of chemotherapy this month, I’m not thinking so much about the “why me”, but instead of how lucky I am to be alive for all the things happening around me. Continue reading Thoughts on Thanks

The Mall Is Not Your Friend

When I was teenager, indoor malls were just starting to pop up all over middle class suburbia.  I remember how shopping went from being a necessary task to entertainment seemingly overnight. Inside you could find food courts and gift shops, specialty clothing boutiques and art stores. There was something for everyone and every age. And just like that, the mall became something to do instead of somewhere to go when you needed the essentials. Continue reading The Mall Is Not Your Friend

I Can’t Change Anyone But Myself

I’m a fixer at heart. I want to fix the world. When I see someone that’s doing it wrong (translation: That’s not the way I would handle that.) or inefficient (translation: My way is so much faster and easier!)…I want to jump in and rescue the poor souls from their tedious methods and propel them into the awesomeness that is “my way” of whatever it is they’re doing. Continue reading I Can’t Change Anyone But Myself

Please Put Your Phone Down!

On second thought, put it away.

Yes, yes…we all have moments when we check our messages, respond to a texts and have to take a call. But when does it all become too much?

Recently I lost my patience with a friend. This person came a long way to see me, yet spent meals, movies, and conversations bent over her phone following and talking to other people instead of engaging in the moment. Continue reading Please Put Your Phone Down!

Cut Out The “What If”

When I talk to friends about streamlining their possessions, one question always comes up. What if I need (or want) it sometime in the future?

While everyone has to decide what they are and aren’t going to make room for in their lives and in their homes, storing items away for that magical “what if” is almost always a recipe for disaster. Continue reading Cut Out The “What If”