I Can’t Change Anyone But Myself

I’m a fixer at heart. I want to fix the world. When I see someone that’s doing it wrong (translation: That’s not the way I would handle that.) or inefficient (translation: My way is so much faster and easier!)…I want to jump in and rescue the poor souls from their tedious methods and propel them into the awesomeness that is “my way” of whatever it is they’re doing.

Notice, I said want.  I don’t actually always jump in, but it takes a lot of self control. What I have to remind myself is that we all like to think we have most of it figured out. That our lives are in control and folks should follow our lead. It’s tough to turn the mirror on ourselves and really take a good look.

Over the past several years I’ve made some extraordinary changes in my life. Changes that have allowed me to have more time, a smaller footprint, stronger relationships, a balanced work-life, and a clearer picture of what I want my future to look like. However, no one told me how to do these things and I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. I had to figure them out on my own. By watching others and through trial and error I learned how to create a simple and meaningful life for myself.

You see, you can’t fix anyone else. But you can be an amazing you. And when you’re amazing, that’s when others will aspire to follow.