Cut Out The “What If”

When I talk to friends about streamlining their possessions, one question always comes up. What if I need (or want) it sometime in the future?

While everyone has to decide what they are and aren’t going to make room for in their lives and in their homes, storing items away for that magical “what if” is almost always a recipe for disaster.

You know all about these items, most of us have at least a couple. The fondue pot that has been used exactly once in the last 10 years, that expensive shirt that hasn’t fit since the 80’s, all those paperback books you’re going to read as soon as you make the time, the dinner service for twelve .

We hang onto these purchases (or gifts) because at one time the may have held value. Looking at them now, we see not just the objects, but the money we spent on them. Trying not to be wasteful we think, someday I’ll need this thing and it will be right here waiting for me. But the truth is that someday rarely comes and our homes and closets become a cluttered graveyard of items we no longer need or use.

Of course, nowadays there is quite an array of options when it comes to getting rid of unwanted stuff and all of them should leave you guilt free and a little lighter. Online services like Craigslist and E-bay make eliminating your unwanted items simple and profitable. Donation centers such as GCF and the Salvation Army will gladly accept useful household items and clothing in good condition while providing you a tax write off. Then there are your friends and family. Ask around and see if you have something to give away that someone else could use.

In the end, you’ll have more time, more money and more space when you fill your life with only the things that add real value.