When You’re Green, You Grow. When You’re Red, You Rot.

Once in a while we hear words that truly resonate with us. Some of them can even transform our way of thinking. They can come from anywhere. Song lyrics or novels, speeches or movies.

About seventeen years ago, when I was still up north and employed by a now defunct large corporation, I attended a required class with my co-workers. These classes were a regular part of the corporate culture and this one was nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple of hours on motivation and meeting expectations. Only as we left the session each of us was handed a little card to keep…as a reminder. They were all different and most people just tossed them in the trash or stuffed them in their pockets.

Mine read, “When you’re green, you grow.  When you’re red, you rot.”

Such a simple statement, but one that would shape the way I lived my life from that point forward. The meaning is simple. As long as you are open to new experiences and ideas, you will continue to bloom and grow. If not, then you will stagnate and wither and…well…rot.

If you look around, you can probably find two very distinctive types of people: those who are stuck in a rut of predictability and the others that are constantly putting it all out there and reinventing themselves. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with routine and familiarity, it can bread boredom and complacency. When we were young, life was a never-ending stream of the new and unexpected. But something happened to a lot of us along the way. We became comfortable in our lives and forgot about all the great things beyond our living room walls.

I truly believe that we can all benefit from a little bit (or a lot) of change in our daily lives. It can be a something as simple as trying a new recipe once a week or something big like learning a new language. With the internet, and especially YouTube, the possibilities are endless. There is a whole world of new experiences and ideas to explore. So if you’re out there and feeling a little red…shake it up a little, allow a break from the mundane, and give yourself permission to grow.