Letting Go Of Bad Relationships

At the very heart of living with less is the ability to let go. And yet that seems to be the hardest part. We tend to often tie our self-worth and identity to the things we own and the people we associate with. When that happens it feels like losing a bit of ourselves when we have to relinquish them. And while material things in and of themselves aren’t really destructive, hanging on to relationships that are no longer functional can be mentally and sometimes physically damaging.

Evaluating the quality of people in our lives is rather simple, but we are very reluctant to acknowledge when things go sour. If they don’t have time for us, we make excuses for them. When they say or do hurtful things, we ignore them. When they make choices and decisions that offend us or don’t align with our values, we shrug and pretend we don’t care.  But we do care. And by keeping people in our lives that don’t bring us joy or support us or genuinely care about us is not healthy.

You can’t change other people. You can only change the people you surround yourself with. If there is someone weighing you down or bringing you down…use your voice. Have the tough conversation and if you can’t find resolution, give yourself permission to let that person go. Because, in the end, life is way too short to be around anyone that doesn’t lift you up and make you smile.