A More Organized Home In 4 Simple Habits

There are some people who always seem to have their homes in order. You walk in and everything is in its place. For others, it’s a little tougher. When our lives get busy, house cleaning and straightening can take a backseat. My theory is this, when your surroundings are clean and organized, the space becomes calmer and helps us to move through our days a little easier.

There are some things I do every day that don’t take much time and help my (tiny) place always look tidy. I’m going to give the top four…my most important everyday habits and how they can be game changers in creating a peaceful, easy space.

  1. Make your bed every morning as soon as you get up. This is such a simple thing and takes less than 5 minutes, but the impact on your bedroom will be huge.
  2. Put away your laundry immediately after you take it out of the dryer. Doing this will have a double benefit. First, if you take care of laundry right away, wrinkling won’t be a factor. Second, you’ll be able to find items without routing around in a pile of clothes on the bed or worse, the floor.
  3. Always hang your jacket and put away your shoes when arriving home. It’s also a great idea if you can have a place where you always put your keys, wallet, purse, etc… Apartment Therapy has some great information on creating a landing strip for your home. This is an organized spaced just inside your door where all your everyday items can live.
  4. Wash and put away your dishes before you go to bed. Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight, do them before you turn in. Or better yet, do them as you use them. No one likes waking up to a sink full of dishes. And you’ll be more apt to cook or prepare fresh foods if your kitchen is tidy when you wake up in the morning.

These four things alone won’t guarantee a clean home, but they will get you started on the right track. The key is to tackle small daily tasks while they are still small and not let them build. It’s much easier and less stressful and you’ll be developing great habits that will only add to the enjoyment of your home.