What Have You Done Today…

So there is this song and it goes, “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” Yes, yes, I know, it’s the theme song to The Biggest Loser. But try to look past that for a moment and really listen to the words. Ok, I’ll admit, I don’t really like this song. It’s not on my Pandora station or MP3 list, however, I love the message. And recently the words have been resonating with me. I’ve started asking myself, “Would that make me proud?”

It’s such a simple question, but it has so much behind it. Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of your actions? Are you proud of the way you treat others? Do you chose the high road when less could be so much easier? Are you the best version of yourself you could be?

I think we all have opportunities to be better at being us. Sometimes we just have to be reminded. If you make only a single change in your life, I would say that doing one thing every day that makes you proud is the one to shoot for.