So, where to start? I could start at the beginning, but I’d rather commence with something a bit move relevant to why I’m here.

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I am a self proclaimed minimalist. And if you ask me about it, I am more than happy to jump right up and tout about the choices that have made my life easier and lighter. However, every once in a while I have a conversation that makes me stop and take a breath. And this one did. It went like this:

Me: So yeah, anything that I don’t use, it goes. I don’t hang on to things that don’t add any value to my life. Oh, and if something makes me happy, I keep that too.

Friend: Well, that’s not very minimal. Keeping everything that makes you happy.

Me: That’s exactly what Minimal is! If I only keep items I use consistently and those that bring me joy and let everything else go…then I only have what I need and love and not one thing more.

The takeaway is this: being a minimalist does not mean living in a stark, white box with no possessions (unless that makes you happy). It means that the possessions with which we surround ourselves are ones we truly value, enjoy and fit the lifestyles we lead. My friend had the impression that somehow simplifying meant doing without. And I would argue that minimalism only means doing without the life clutter that weighs us down.  Debt, bad relationships, unhealthy habits, and yes, stuff. That extraneous stuff that seems to multiply around us in our homes.

Anyway, after that conversation (and others like it), I decided to start up a blog and share what living mindfully and minimally means to me. So hopefully, you read along as I tell stories, share recipes, and provide insights into living a full life with less.